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Eli Entwistle

Gameplay Programmer


I'm a programmer for gamplay systems and UI. I work mostly in the Unreal Engine.
Currently I'm working on 2 games which are Turning Tides: Echo Dawn and Stellar Rampart

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My Current Projects.

Turning Tides Echo Dawn Logo

Echo Dawn: Turning Tides

Echo Dawn: Turning Tides is an upcoming Polynesian fantasy RPG, being developed in Unreal Engine. It is a combination of a JRPG with RPG elements.

Takes place in a Polynesian setting with characters you can control in a 3D space but with turn based fighting with monster and other fantasy creatures.

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Stellar Rampart Logo

Stellar Rampart

While in still early development. We don’t have much to show. But It’s a VR multiplayer game with building and attacking with other players.

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Learn more about personal projects

I have lots of personal projects which I made with my brother.

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